Mirror of Mind (English translation of gujarati article Man no Ariso)

We look for our physical appearance in the mirror every day, but do we look towards our mental appearance? We always pamper our body, have we ever seen our mind?

Our happiness is locked in mind’s mirror. If you want to search the key, there is one condition, you have to be alone for some time where there is nobody and there is no noise. Only yourself and silence.

The need of heart is expressiveness which we don’t fulfil that’s why we cannot able to see our mirror of mind and even can’t able to search it.

  • What you like – Express it.
  • What you don’t like – Express it.
  • What you love to wear – Wear it.
  • What you don’t like to wear – Don’t wear it.
  • What you love to eat – Have that kind of food.
  • What you hate to eat – Ignore that kind of food.

We do exactly the opposite.

We speak to please people, not to please ourselves.

We choose favourite outfit, but body doesn’t support it (blame ourselves that weight is too much)

We set our food pattern to please people, continuously perform activities to show-off people. Thus, how can we get mirror of mind? We feel sorrow.

In order to get happiness, we should train our mind. Understand your heart’s wishes and train your mind to fulfil those wishes. Let the mind realise about wishes of your heart. Hence, you have to create rhythm between your heart and mind to get mirror of mind for your happiness. You will have to give efforts to create a rhythm.

Our great problem is whatever we like, we don’t do it and whatever we do that we don’t like – this is the root for our sophistication attitude. We wear sophistication mask every time, mask takes place of mirror. Mask or mirror – exists only one.

We must take stand for our happiness by our own. We should take responsibilities for our wishes, dreams, favourable activities rather than to be dependent on our parents, spouse, friends and relatives. At certain age or period, we should be emotionally independent, we can’t afford to be always emotionally dependent on others. Sometimes, dependency leads towards despondency.

As we give priority about our physical appearance same as we must give priority for inner appearance as well, we know ourselves better than anyone.

Don’t set sophistication mask between your heart and mind, then you automatically get mirror between them. Feel the feelings of your heart, understand your wishes or aspirations of your heart and train your mind to fulfil those aspirations. This rhythm automatically set mirror or we can say in other words: if mind’s mirror is there, there is rhythm between mind and heart itself and this is the source of your happiness.

  • By knowing your mind, you will get mirror of mind.
  • By ignoring your mind, you will get mask of sophistication.

Spare few minutes or hours for yourself alone, analysis your behaviour, attitude, perceptions and life, ask question to yourself – Am I living that life at present which I wanted to live?

If you are happy then you can make others happy. Healthy yourself is the foundation of healthy relationship with your near and dear ones.

  • What do you want? – Sophistication Mask or Mirror of Mind.
  • Take decision – choice is absolutely yours.

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