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A mother is a poem, A poem of wisdom; A poem of selfless love and care, The poetry of a mother gives shine to a child's life. Happy Mother's day to all!

My Dearest Husband

You come into my life,My whole world has changed,You are my sunshine,You are my everything. Hey, my bestieYou are my best buddy,You are my support system,You are the world's best husband. Hey, my manYou know me better than myself,Your company makes me complete,We are made for each other. Hey, my life partnerWe share hope and... Continue Reading →

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Life is a beauty.Death is the ultimate truth.Dreams are the driven force in life.Hope is an emotional strength in life.Harina Love Birds Be Aware! Let’s change our mindset!

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Poetry gives the inspiration to live life artistically.Harina Other posts: मेरी लेखनी, मेरी धुन / My Writing, My Passion QUOTE #ART #ARTIST quote #Love #Law of Love


The estuary is an epitome of true love. The river flows towards the ocean like the way love should flow towards our loved-ones with devotion and selflessness.Harina EPITOME #QUOTE #SIMILARITIES #DIFFERENCES स्वयं अपना नेतृत्व करें (BE YOUR OWN LEADER ) मेरी पहली किताब Buy Now: Jivan Ke ShabdAmazon Link: Jivan Ke Shabd

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