Acrostic Poem for Newborn

New member of our family Excitement for a new phase of life Wonderful gift Bundle of joy Opportunity to start parenthood journey Responsibilities Never-ending job of parenting Have a look at my other acrostic poems: #Acrostic Poem #Sister New Year Acrostic Poem Love Tonic


To learn from your tough time, you must have patience, persistence and an open mind to analyse the situation.

Spread your beauty

Even if they don't accept you,Believe in yourself,Trust your gut;Lead your life with clarity;Follow your passion;Transform yourself for the greater good,Spread your beauty.

ટેવ કેળવીએ (Habit)

સતત કંઈક નવું શીખવાની ટેવ કેળવીએ. પોતાને મળેલા આશીર્વાદોને યાદ કરવાનીટેવ કેળવીએ. ખુલ્લા દિલે હસવાનીટેવ કેળવીએ. જીવનને વિશાળ દ્રષ્ટિથી જોવાનીટેવ કેળવીએ. જીવનને કૃતજ્ઞતાથી જોવાનીટેવ કેળવીએ. દરેક નવો દિવસમોજ બની જશે,આ ટેવ કેળવવાથી! કોઈ એક ટેવથીશરુઆત તો કરીએ.જીવનને આનંદિત બનાવીએ. Translation of poem in English:

Wattle Tree (Short Poem)

Wattle tree standing so proud the wind is tossing you about with your yellow flowers so bright. You stand still with your roots so firm hidden under ground. So wattle tree wave your branches to and fro -and proudly you may stand! (Reference: Poem by Daisy Utemorrah) Information about Wattle trees: The Golden Wattle is Australia's... Continue Reading →

Spiritual Eye

This short poem throws light on the journey of the inner self. When we think spiritually, we upgrade our thought process, feel contentment and become fearless. We become joyful and radiate joy with whoever we meet. I want to gain a spiritual eyeEyes that look for new insight,Mind that receives a new light. I want... Continue Reading →


Develop a habitTo be a learner,For every single morning. Develop a habitTo count our blessings,For every single morning. Develop a habitTo smile by heart,For every single morning. Develop a habitTo see with a broader eye,For every single morning. Develop a habitTo feel gratitude about life,For every single morning. By developing this habitOur life will be... Continue Reading →

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