Develop a habitTo be a learner,For every single morning. Develop a habitTo count our blessings,For every single morning. Develop a habitTo smile by heart,For every single morning. Develop a habitTo see with a broader eye,For every single morning. Develop a habitTo feel gratitude about life,For every single morning. By developing this habitOur life will be... Continue Reading →

7 Tips for practising stillness #quote

1) Be your authentic self 2) Focus on a broader side 3) Create a habit of self-appreciation 4) Create a habit of self-reflection 5) Practice gratitude 6) Practice kindness and forgiveness 7) Feel content with your life Quote about stillness I have used watercolour pencils in this image of the quote illustration."Attention to chaos makes you unbalanced. However, volition for balance,... Continue Reading →

Breeze of uncertainty

Amid a breeze of uncertainty,your willpower guides you.Amid the chaos of thoughts,your intuition guides you. Situations demand brainstorming sometimes,Situations demand to analyse of the pros and cons.Your intellectual power gives clarity,Your heart voice gives a hint of totality. Mind and heart’s integrityIt gives you power extraordinarily.Focus on the mental state of serenity,That’s only your best... Continue Reading →

A step towards self-care #quote #mandalaart

I have drawn this mandala art by expressing one lovely quote about self-care towards our emotional well-being. "Forget a people-pleasing attitude,Focus on your authenticity." People pleasure attitude leads you towards self-destruction.Being your authentic self leads you towards self-care.

जश्न का गीत

#ग़ज़ल ज़िंदगी में जश्न का गीत गुनगुनाना है,ग़मों की दास्तान सुनाना मन को भाता नहीं है। जब खुद के ही सुर पा ले यह मन,तब दूसरों से मिले ग़म की परवाह नहीं रहती है। जब खुद की ही लय में झूम उठे यह दिल,तब किसी से कोई फ़रियाद नहीं रहती है। जब खुद की ताल... Continue Reading →

Mirror of Mind

(English translation of my Gujarati article Man no Ariso) મનનો અરીસો We look for our physical appearance in the mirror every day, but do we look towards our mental state? We always pamper our body. Have we ever seen our mind? Our happiness is locked in the mirror of our mind. If you want to... Continue Reading →

મનનો અરીસો

આપણે દરરોજ આપણી જાતને અરીસામાં જોઈએ છે, આપણો બાહ્ય દેખાવ બરાબર છે કે નહીં, પણ કદી આંતરિક દેખાવ, આંતરિક સ્થિતિ જોઈએ છે ખરા? અરીસામાં શરીર તો દરરોજ જોઈએ છે પણ કદી મનને જોઈએ છે? આપણી ખુશીઓનો ખજાનો આ જ મનના અરીસામાં છુપાયેલો છે. આ અરીસો શોધવા માટેની એક જ શરત છે કે આપણે એકાંતમાં પોતાની... Continue Reading →

Poetry Riddle

I am in you, but not visible to you, I am a hurdle towards your happiness, I help you to be stubborn; I grow you to be selfish; I trap you in the superiority complex, I create an illusion of real life. Guess! Who am I? The answer is an "Arrogance."

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