Token of Gratitude

Have you ever offer,
Token of gratitude,
To your near and dear ones?

For their love towards you,
For their care towards you,
For their support towards you.


Have you taken it for granted?

Express your gratitude towards them,
Have respect towards them,
Value their emotions.


  1. Moh-maaya….

    Jeevan moh-maaya h…nesr n dear ones team members…

    Gratitude is team spirit…hopefully good guys r in good spirit and bad guys are taking thinhs for granted…

    After all BELEIF
    is everything.

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    1. Very is all about perception of an individual…I have read somewhere that ” Do good and good will come to you” and vice-versa.

      So, if our perception is broad or optimistic than our life graph will go up and negative thinking doesn’t lead anywhere.


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