Token of Gratitude

Have you ever offered,
Token of gratitude;
To your near and dear ones?

For their love towards you,
For their care towards you;
For their support towards you.

Or have you taken it for granted?

Express your gratitude towards them,
Have respect towards them;
Value their emotions.

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  1. Moh-maaya….

    Jeevan moh-maaya h…nesr n dear ones team members…

    Gratitude is team spirit…hopefully good guys r in good spirit and bad guys are taking thinhs for granted…

    After all BELEIF
    is everything.

    1. Very is all about perception of an individual…I have read somewhere that ” Do good and good will come to you” and vice-versa.

      So, if our perception is broad or optimistic than our life graph will go up and negative thinking doesn’t lead anywhere.

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