Prayer is not only a medium of demands and fulfilment of wishes.

Prayer is a medium of expressing gratitude,
Have gratitude for things you have. Be thankful for that.

Prayer is a medium of developing intuition power,
Try to read your heart voice. Develop integrity between your mind and heart voice.

Prayer is a medium of self-development,
Enhance yourself in self-development qualities like compassion, empathy, humanity. Live life meaningful.

Prayer is a medium of being inward,
Self-evaluation and self-observation is key to inner transformation. Have an eye to enhance yourself and do something for your betterment. Try to rise above material gain only.

Pray with the right attitude,
Asking for removing obstacles is not the right attitude rather than asking for strength to overcome it is the right attitude.

Pray with the right attitude,
Asking for an object is not the righteous cause of prayer, but asking for wisdom for getting what we want is a righteous cause.

Prayer has so much power, but only if it’s with the right attitude.

Always remember;
The real motive of the prayer is not only material gain but to attain spiritual upliftment.

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