Wedding Anniversary Day Poem

I want to dedicate this poem to my husband on our wedding anniversary. Wedding anniversary day,It's a lovely day. It's a sweet reminder,For both of us. To celebrate togetherness,To rejoice oneness. To feel affection,About our deep connection. To feel gratitude,About our memories. To feel the excitement,To make new memories. Let's cherish our marital bond,Let's celebrate... Continue Reading →

शाकंभरी जयंती महत्व – कविता

शाकंभरी नवरात्रि का पर्व आता है तब दुर्गा देवी के शाकंभरी रूप की आराधना की जाती है। इस साल शाकंभरी नवरात्रि पौष मास की शुक्लपक्ष की अष्टमी (30 दिसम्बर, 2022) से आरंभ हुई थी और आज पौष मास की पूर्णिमा (6 जनवरी, 2023) को पूर्ण होंगी। पौष पूर्णिमा के दिन शाकंभरी जयंती मनायी जाती है।... Continue Reading →


Develop a habitTo be a learner,For every single morning. Develop a habitTo count our blessings,For every single morning. Develop a habitTo smile by heart,For every single morning. Develop a habitTo see with a broader eye,For every single morning. Develop a habitTo feel gratitude about life,For every single morning. By developing this habitOur life will be... Continue Reading →

Thanks a ton! Another Milestone

Thank you to all my readers who read my blogs regularly, give beautiful comments and communicate with me on my blog. Thanks a million to my readers, fellow bloggers, family, and friends who shower love and blessings on my blogs. I developed a lot through writing, I explored a lot in this writing journey, and... Continue Reading →


Prayer is not only a medium of demands and fulfilment of wishes. Prayer is a medium of expressing gratitude,Have gratitude for things you have. Be thankful for that. Prayer is a medium of developing intuition power,Try to read your heart voice. Develop integrity between your mind and heart voice. Prayer is a medium of self-development,Enhance... Continue Reading →

7 Tips for practising stillness #quote

1) Be your authentic self 2) Focus on a broader side 3) Create a habit of self-appreciation 4) Create a habit of self-reflection 5) Practice gratitude 6) Practice kindness and forgiveness 7) Feel content with your life Quote about stillness I have used watercolour pencils in this image of the quote illustration."Attention to chaos makes you unbalanced. However, volition for balance,... Continue Reading →


Happy in lively moments,Sad in lifeless moments. Fed up with fake face and emotion,Cheerful with real face and emotion. Annoy with being perfect,Love with being as I am! Want to say goodbye to the rudeness,Want to say welcome to the kindness. Disgust with dragging me down,Delight with appreciation and gratitude. In joy or sadness, discover... Continue Reading →

The art of developing the virtue of contentment

English translation of my published Gujarati article in the paper, Gujarati article link: સંતોષનો ગુણ વિકસાવવાની કળા We know the power of positivity, but how we should utilize it in our life is the biggest puzzle. As every puzzle has a solution, have tried to establish a solution, hope this solution can help! I am not... Continue Reading →

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