My Dearest Husband

You come into my life,
My whole world has changed,
You are my sunshine,
You are my everything.

Hey, my bestie
You are my best buddy,
You are my support system,
You are the world’s best husband.

Hey, my man
You know me better than myself,
Your company makes me complete,
We are made for each other.

Hey, my life partner
We share hope and dreams,
We help each other to achieve our dreams,
We solve problems in life together.

Hey, my sweetheart
You make me smile by my heart,
You have taught me to live life to the fullest,
You heal all my sorrow.

Hey, my love of life
You have answers to all my questions,
You have solutions to all my doubts,
You make me feel so special.

Hey, my dearest husband
How blessed I am!
You are God’s gift to me,
You give me the purpose of my life.

Today is my husband’s birthday, I dedicate this poem to him as a gift.

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