Stand out from the crowd

If they wonder about my decisions,If they ask thousands of questions;So what? They are part of the crowd,I stand out from the crowd;That's why they wonder. Don't feel dull by facing it,Followers amaze! A leader doesn't. Do out of the box,Become a leader. Today they oppose you,One day they will follow you. Trust your gut,Trust... Continue Reading →

My Dearest Husband

You come into my life,My whole world has changed,You are my sunshine,You are my everything. Hey, my bestieYou are my best buddy,You are my support system,You are the world's best husband. Hey, my manYou know me better than myself,Your company makes me complete,We are made for each other. Hey, my life partnerWe share hope and... Continue Reading →

#Acrostic Poem #Sister

Acrostic Poem for Sister Special bondInsightfulShare secretsTrue friendEnergy tonicRole as a support system Relationship with a sister is a beautiful relationship in the world. One can get all the moral support, deep understanding of each other which converts them in a true friend. Whenever feels dull then talk with a sister cheers you up, like an... Continue Reading →


Hey, my dear companion! Your Company means beautiful moments for me, Your company is a favourite for me. Hey, my dear companion! Your company means lots of fun for today, Your company means lots of memories for tomorrow. Hey, my dear companion! Your company energies me like the fragrance of the flower, Your company energies... Continue Reading →

एसा होता है रिश्ता! (It’s all about togetherness!)

सिर्फ मैं की भावना से उपर उठेंऔर हम की भावना तरफ बढ़ें।एसा होता है रिश्ता। सिर्फ मेरी इच्छाओं से उपर उठेंऔर हमारी इच्छाओं की तरफ बढ़ें।एसा होता है रिश्ता। एक-दूसरे के साथ,ताल मिलाकर जीना,एसा होता है रिश्ता। एक-दूसरे के विचारों में,सामंजस्य बनाकर जीना,एसा होता है रिश्ता। मतभेद होना स्वाभाविक है,पर मनभेद न होने देना,एसा होता... Continue Reading →

Be Aware!

Be Aware of illusion!Illusion creates confusion.It creates a false impression making things as real. Be Aware of Misunderstanding!Misunderstanding creates confusion.It creates a gap in knowing real understanding. Be Aware of Prejudice!Prejudice creates confusion.It creates a gap in identifying real emotions with understanding.

Let’s change our mindset!

Why do we focus on obstacles only?Why not focus on opportunities?Let's change our mindset! Why do we focus on problems only?Why not on our chance to work on and to solve it?Let's change our mindset! We have trained our mind,to look at the worse side onlyrather than to look at the bright side. Open your... Continue Reading →

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