Short Rhyming Poem about Life Partner

Your nature is caring,
Your personality is pleasing,
You are a true blessing!

Want to say something,
For you, my heart is melting
You are amazing!

You are a treasure,
Your company is a pleasure,
We feel complete when we are together.

New Year Acrostic Poem

New beginnings with new tasks

Enthusiastic eye to spend the whole year

Wisdom implementation from past experiences

Yesterday is history, be free from grudges & regrets

Explore more & enhance yourself

Awaits for beautiful memories this year

Resolutions for betterment in life

Let’s welcome the new year 2023 with joy and enthusiasm. Wish you all a great year!

Don’t judge the choices of people

Don’t judge the choices of people,
Don’t criticize the decisions of people;
As you don’t know
The real story behind it.

To pass on comments
Shows your narrow mindset;
Broaden your perspectives,
Be free from prejudices.

Keep your mouth shut,
Open your eyes;
Try to read the intentions of people,
Have a look at the actions of people.

Don’t be the frog in the well,
Develop an eye to exploring the world.
Remember this famous line,
Don’t judge a book by its cover.

Every person has a story,
Every situation influence decisions;
Without knowing about this story,
Don’t judge any person.

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Poetry Riddle

Stand out from the crowd

If they wonder about my decisions,
If they ask thousands of questions;
So what?

They are part of the crowd,
I stand out from the crowd;
That’s why they wonder.

Don’t feel dull by facing it,
Followers amaze! A leader doesn’t.

Do out of the box,
Become a leader.

Today they oppose you,
One day they will follow you.

Trust your gut,
Trust your journey.

My Dearest Husband

You come into my life,
My whole world has changed,
You are my sunshine,
You are my everything.

Hey, my bestie
You are my best buddy,
You are my support system,
You are the world’s best husband.

Hey, my man
You know me better than myself,
Your company makes me complete,
We are made for each other.

Hey, my life partner
We share hope and dreams,
We help each other to achieve our dreams,
We solve problems in life together.

Hey, my sweetheart
You make me smile by my heart,
You have taught me to live life to the fullest,
You heal all my sorrow.

Hey, my love of life
You have answers to all my questions,
You have solutions to all my doubts,
You make me feel so special.

Hey, my dearest husband
How blessed I am!
You are God’s gift to me,
You give me the purpose of my life.

Today is my husband’s birthday, I dedicate this poem to him as a gift.

#Acrostic Poem #Sister

Acrostic Poem for Sister

Special bond
Share secrets
True friend
Energy tonic
Role as a support system

A relationship with a sister is a beautiful relationship in the world. One can get all the moral support and a deep understanding of each other that converts them into true friends. Sister cheers us up in our hard times like an energy tonic. Sisters share an insightful relationship and understand better every time.

#Acrostic Poem LOVE TONIC






Hey, my dear companion!
Your Company means beautiful moments for me,
Your company is a favourite for me.

Hey, my dear companion!
Your company means lots of fun for today,
Your company means lots of memories for tomorrow.

Hey, my dear companion!
Your company energies me like the fragrance of the flower,
Your company energies me like the brightness of the sun.

Hey, my dear companion!
Your company rejuvenates me,
Just like nature rejuvenates.

You have filled all emptiness of my life,
And makes my life complete!

[Above poem is a translation of my Hindi poem with a slight modification]
तुम्हारा साथ