Suggestion v/s emotionally harassment

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If you offer an opinion or a suggestion to someone, but you are not open for rejection means you are trying to impose your suggestion to that person that means you are being narrow-minded, you are lacking broadness that every person has different angles or parameters to carry out activity or having different circumstances and thought process, so if your suggestion fits in all angles of that person, then he can accept your suggestion and vice-versa.

Thus, your behaviour leads towards the below chart:

picture 2

Give your suggestions or your point of view along with, have respect for others’ point of view as well.

Normally, we deal with people in family or friends or anywhere else, who have phobia to offer suggestions or opinions, they make simple things into complication, make things so worse, we should identify these type of people in our circle so that we can ignore their stupid activities and keep focus on our tasks and we should regularly monitor our behaviour for self-evaluation so that our behaviour could not covert in a stupidity.

Always keep in mind:

Picture 3

Always be aware or have clarity about your behaviour:

Are you suggesting someone or emotionally harassing someone?

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