#Acrostic Poem

Lovely memories
On special occasions (Days)
Very well spent days
Eagerly waiting for reliving those moments
One & only
Idea for
Companionship strengthen forever!


Love doesn’t all about just making memories, but relive those memories on a regular interval, this is tonic for LOVE.

Don’t ruin the charm of pure love by juggling with responsibilities like financial, social etc.

You choose Travelling Tonic,
to re-energize yourself!

Just As

Choose Love Tonic,
to re-energize your relationship!

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I am Harina Pandya, with a bundle of enthusiasm, positive thinking and creativity. I am a poet and a blogger. I am passionate about writing since childhood, expressing myself through writing in three different languages namely Gujarati, Hindi and English. I love to share on different topics in a poetry form, article form and as an illustrator form as well.

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