The art of developing the virtue of contentment

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English translation of my published Gujarati article in the paper, Gujarati article link: સંતોષનો ગુણ વિકસાવવાની કળા

We know the power of positivity, but how we should utilize it in our life is the biggest puzzle. As every puzzle has a solution, have tried to establish a solution, hope this solution can help!

I am not talking about anything you should focus on for positive energy. Positive energy is all about just “YOU”. You are the source of positive energy but mostly we are unaware of it.

We have some set pattern in the mind about situations. When situations are in our favour we are the “happiest bird”, and if it doesn’t then we are the “sad bird”. Our happiness depends on the so-called situations and when the situations are not as per our choice we suffer in the dissatisfaction state in life.

The ultimate way to be…

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