Expression of Trauma (Miscarriage)

Hello to all. I have tried to express the feelings about miscarriage, to lose a baby, in any stage of pregnancy, it is sad news for a couple and their family. Especially woman feels changes in physically and emotionally, the family needs to take care of her in a sensitive manner in those days. Tried to express feelings in the poem by woman’s context.

The poem goes like this:

I am in sorrow,
I feel hurt,
Because I have gone through Miscarriage.

I was all set,
To welcome my baby.
I was all set,
To experience a journey.
But sadly, it converted in miscarriage

I started to create,
Bond with a baby.
So, I heard the news of
Baby’s development stopped inside my womb,
My heart was broken.
As sadly, it converted in miscarriage

My desire to become,
Mother didn’t fulfill.
My desire to share the good news,
To near & dear ones, converted in bad news.
As it was an early stage of miscarriage

Every cloud has a silver lining,
Physical & mental changes,
Has gifted me more wisdom!
Have focus more on
Emotional and spiritual well being.

Have an optimistic mindset now,
for fulfilling my desires.
One day, my dream will come true,
Of having my complete family
One day, my dream will come true,
To live a family life.

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