#Art of relaxation for mental well being #7 ways to feel relaxation (Part-1)

Hello folks!

My topic is relaxation to maintain your energy level up to the mark, to maintain mental and emotional well being.

I have divided this topic into two parts. Today I have written one small article for suggesting 7 strategies to feel relaxation and tomorrow I will upload one illustration on this topic.

7 ways to feel relaxation

1) Free your mind from the comments passed by people for you in a wrong manner.

2) Maintain your traits, don’t copy others.

3) Work on your skills, don’t try to copy others skills.

4) Live for yourself only, don’t live to please people.

5) Do your work for your happiness instead of only name and fame.

6) Whatever work you do, do it with consistency.

7) Try to be flexible in your routine, especially manage your time with flexibility. Some people feel “Time anxiety”, anxiety about being late or not managing some activity on time. Don’t be a victim of anxiety, be flexible.

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  1. Hi,

    Reading your blog i relt relaxed.

    Ask me why?
    (Whole India n parts of world are relaxing n chilling. So obviously they follow yoyr guidlines.
    After all, reading is a relaxed job. )

    Good job…

    Relax n

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