Bee Love award- 2,3 & 4

Hello to all. I would like to share that I am nominated for the “Bee Love Award” three times. Rachna Dhaka, Sadhak and Tanya have nominated me. I am so glad for this, thanks a ton to all of you guys and I am sorry for posting late.

Rachna Dhaka is so amazing writer, she is enthusiastic for writing. One nice thing is about her that she posts poems of different poets as well, she has a very nice collection of different poets, please check her blog to read various types of her blogs and a great collection of our literature.

Link of her blog:

Sadhak, my brother is so fabulous at writing. He is a writer, singer and photographer. Please check his blog for listening to fantastic songs, have a look at his photographs and read his poetry, he writes some of the words in the Urdu language as well in his poetry. Do check his blog.

Here is a link:

Tanya is a fabulous writer, she is so enthusiastic and charismatic in her writing. You will get a variety of stuff on her blogs like some pictures, sketches and thoughtful collection of her blogs on various things. Just check her blog, she is amazing, you will enjoy reading.

Here is a link:


  1. Attach the Bee love Logo on the top
  2. Ping Back to me
  3. Thank your fellow blogger who nominated you
  4. Nominate your fellow blogger (it is good that you can nominate unlimited.)

My Definition of LOVE:

I have expressed my views earlier in my one of blogs on love via illustrations. I want to share some of the content about love here.

For me, love is a spark of life, without love, life is not possible to live. Human attaches with each other, only by love.

“Love blooms like a flower when you have someone (in any relation), who has answers to all your doubts, who show care towards you and who is your support system.”

I strongly believe and have implemented this philosophy in my life that love is all about offering first, I don’t expect love from others, I always offer love to all my near and dear ones. Love to yourself and love to all.


I nominate to all my fellow bloggers, whoever wants to participate in this beautiful chain of spreading love, feel free to participate.

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