Love Birds

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Let’s fly together,
Just like Love birds.

Hold one wing of simplicity!
Just like the colour of white.
Fill with the purest feelings.
Free from a selfish motive.

Hold another wing of trust!
Just like the colour of Blue.
Fill with the faithful behaviour.
Free from disloyal motive.

Let’s fly together,
Just like Love birds.

Information about Love birds:

Love birds are the living testimony of the most wonderful emotion on earth – love. These little parrots always seen in pairs are the ideal symbol of love, ecstasy, long-term commitment, loyalty and care. ( Reference: )

That’s why I tried to express about love by a sweet example of love-birds and love birds have a variety of colours among which I choose Blue and White as the blue colour represents loyalty or trust and white colour represents simplicity and purity.

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