“We are not machine.”

We all know that what above sentence mean, but are we able to understand it properly? As the Technological development is at the peak and the daily usage of the machines in our life are becoming the vital part of the life making our life easy and convenient, but we have become addicted to the machine and technology turning our self into it. Today’s era is very fast, we run for the standard life, career stability, money stability and this has become the vital part of our life. But we forget stability of our self. What about ourselves. Are we sparing time for ourselves?

We have become very slow in this fast-paced era.

How do we avoid slowness in our routine? The answer is very simple but effective.

Start to spare time with yourself at least 20 minutes to 1 hour in a day for your favorite activity.

When it comes to spare the time with yourself start with your favorite hobbies, make a time for the favorite activity or hobby it can be anything like singing, dancing, writing, photography, cooking, any outdoor game or the indoor game or anything you like to do most. Make a time for your favorite activities.


  • You won’t become “life machine”.

You will be surely wondering that what is “life machine”? “Life machine” is part of human being. If any person is juggling for the life responsibilities, survival and doesn’t give time towards their enjoyment than that person is becoming a life machine, as person doesn’t live his/her life but just got stuck into the so-called life responsibilities.

  • Improvising relationship.

Living life with the self gives you more satisfaction towards your life. Nowadays many don’t understand meaning of the relationship, they take it as responsibilities and take burden towards it, which eventually results into not giving the proper space to the dear ones and making them oblige to do what they want and this create a ruckus into the life and making one miserable. So, if you don’t want your life to be in disturbance then work towards yourself start giving time to yourself and life will become wonderful not just responsibilities.

  • Energy tonic.

Rejuvenating, by making yourself busy into your favorite activities will help you to boost your energy level which will help you to rejuvenate yourself in life. By feeling energetic you can more focus on your regular work and activities through improvising the output into the work. It will eventually help to balance both your professional and personal life.

  • Gather knowledge in your interest area.

Knowledge helps person to feel more powerful and confident, by being active into your interest area you will strive for more knowledge and will explore more into it, this will make you feel more satisfied.

  • You will get change from routine.

We all want change from our routine, for example can we just have bread-butter breakfast for straight 10 days? Answer would be “NO”, we will surely demand different breakfast. We feel tired by repetitive tasks in our daily life, we demand for change and this one thing of sparing time with yourself will give you little change from your schedule, that is the source of mindfulness.

  • Peace of mind

Ultimately, human being demand one thing i.e. Peace. Peace, freedom of thinking, implementation and space to give time for ourselves, we all want just these things and if we have all these, we’ll be happy and satisfied towards life.

If you are stuck in somewhere in life, your family members or partner will not able to maintain your space, you are performing those things which you don’t like, you are searching for your preferable profession and you are currently working in other profession like this anything you suffer or else you face something than this one technique become magic in your life.

Just spare at least 20 minutes to 1 hour in your favorite activity, you will automatically get peace, freedom, space and happiness, whatever you want in your life, you will get it soon.

Energize your life. Don’t be machine- be human!

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