Book Review: Ishq or Ibadat – What you truly love

This book is written by a wonderful writer Rekha Rani

Ishq or Ibadat- The bundle of inspiration of Rumi’s poetry!

This book is a collection of Rumi’s poetry. Rumi is one of the world’s famous poet, his poetry is full of spirituality.
In this poetry book, you will find poems in both languages: Hindi and English. It is a translation of English poems into Hindi, it is so fantastic. The poetry collection in this book is very inspirational, it gives the inspiration to deal with dark and heart breaking moments in our lives, we can heal ourselves by reading these poems. Poetry is all about deep understanding of life, the true meaning of love, divinity, spirituality, devotion, equality in all religions, humanity!

Some of my favourite poems are “Mirror”, “Light”, “Sorrow & Joy”, “Hidden Depth”, “The Wound”, “Wings”, “The Dancing Particles”. I want to share one of the poems from the book which is a source of positive thinking and spiritual practices, there are so many poems that guides us towards positive thinking. But here, I want to share the poem which is close to my heart.

” खुले दिल से – Keep Your Heart Open

ग़मों को अपना साथी बन जाने दो,
मुस्कुरा कर, खुल दिल से।
तब यह मददगार बन जायेगा,
जीवन का मकसद खोजने में,
प्यार और समझदारी के खोज में।
दर्द में वह रवानी है,
वह बहाव है,
कि यह ख़ुद राह बना लेगा,
दोस्त बनकर।

Keep Your Heart Open

Grief can be the garden of compassion.
If you keep your heart open
through everything,
your pain can become
your greatest ally
in your life’s search
for love and wisdom.”

I will recommend this book to everyone, you will enjoy the collection of Rumi’s poetry for sure.

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