Art of Contentment

“The Show Must Go On!”, the phrase that keeps us distance from isolation and sorrow, which are the outcome of heartbreak, betrayal and grief which causes a layer of the frustration to over-shadow the kindness in our self. Keeping oneself defenceless against the political outbreak in office and family zone. And, as it is said correctly! we should never stop, BUT can we just go on! Rather than just motivating let’s take a break and understand that real art is in the expression of the grief and stepping up through the ladder of the understanding and experiences. Believe that, life will throw all the challenges it is you who must decide what you want in life? How do you want to treat your grief with gifts? And constructing masterpiece from the journey in your life.

Start with expression, such as;

·       Feel sorrow for your emotional wounds,

·       Feel anger and frustration,

·       Feel tears in your eyes,

·       Feel guilty in your heart if you have done a mistake or your behaviour has been misunderstood.

This is an important activity as you cannot give a shape of your emotional wounds without expressing it, expressiveness plays a major role over here.

But, once you have expressed your grief with your near and dear ones or express it in solitude with yourself , create the art of contentment that you have learnt from experience, as you have sharpened some sort of skills in the life, take in a progressive way and give it creative shape to your wounds, use this experience as one of the steps towards the success ladder in your life. By practising the art of contentment, you will become strong enough to handle your emotional wounds. Don’t escape from your grief, accept it by practising the art of contentment. Design it and give shape to your emotional wounds creatively and progressively.

Be an artist in your life!

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