स्वयं अपना नेतृत्व करें (Be Your Own Leader )

प्रेम को मांगते रहने के बजाय प्रेम का स्रोत बनें।
प्रेम के दाता बनें।

दूसरों पर निर्भर रहने के बजाय प्रेरणा का स्रोत बनें।
प्रेरणा के दाता बनें।

ज्ञान का स्रोत बनें।
स्वयं अपना नेतृत्व करें।

Translation in English:

Become a source of love instead of begging for love.
Become a giver of love.

Become a source of motivation instead of depending on others.
Become a giver of motivation.

Become a source of wisdom.
Become a leader of your life.

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  1. सब कुछ तो अपने ही अंदर है….क्यों दर दर भीखमंगों की तरह भटकना।
    आत्मनिर्भर बनो
    बहुत सही लिखा है।

  2. आत्म निर्भरता से सब कुछ हासिल हो सकता है मगर मृग मरीचिका हो गई है जिंदगी।

    1. Thank you 😊

      Yes..may be..It is me..as I downloaded it today in the morning..So now I will start reading your book..

      My kindle idea has worked..so I will go though all your book now..one by one😊😊

  3. Oh,thats great! amazon record tells me 18 pages of book- you can make it happen
    has been read today. you must read total pages of this book and pl give me your feedback.
    have a nice time,harina!

  4. Hi Harina! If you have finished and liked my book-you can make it happen, please
    do give your comments on amazon’s specified space.
    Have a nice time!

  5. Hello Harina! I was thinking about you last night only and its no nice to see your replies today morning.I love to read your
    posts and comments.Are you still in Australia?
    I will be eagerly awaiting your feedback on my book thru amazon platform.

    1. That’s my pleasure uncle…😊
      I feel so nice that..you love to read my posts, too.

      Will give feedback as soon as possible 😊👍

      Yes..I am in Australia..for another 1 year.. actually..we came here( me and my husband)..for just 4 years.. so one more year to go..😊

  6. wow! Thats great to be living with your husband. what are you doing and where are you living in Australia?
    Love to both of you.

  7. Thats so cool,Harina! I hope you are better off in Brisbane due to covid 19.I am living in Mumbai
    and things are bad here.As you must have read about me, I have a Corporate background
    in Marketing area.

    1. Yes..be safe and take care.. things are so tough in Mumbai
      …In Australia, now getting better and in control..in Brisbane..we are also fine..and safe..

  8. May God fullfil all your wishes.Did you read the content-” you cannot ignore this universal truth” in my book you can make
    it Happen? If not pl do read it now.

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