Bee Love Award-1

Hello to all my fellow bloggers. I would like to share that Sara Altaf Khan, has nominated me for the “Bee Love Award”. I am so glad for this, thanks a ton. It is truly my pleasure to be part of this chain of spreading love.

I want to share about Sara, I remember just a few days back, we followed each other, I enjoy her posts, it gives so many different angles or perspective for a particular subject, she likes my posts as well. Thus, I feel that we created the bond as a fellow blogger very soon, I feel that this sweet thing is all about spreading love in the blogger’s world.


  1. Attach the Bee love Logo on the top
  2. Ping Back to me
  3. Thank your fellow blogger who nominated you
  4. Nominate your fellow blogger (it is good that you can nominate unlimited.)

My Definition of LOVE:

As per my view,

  • Love is all about offering.
  • Love is the beauty of this world.
  • The ugliness is the absence of love.
  • Love is true power.
  • Love is your strength if you have an eye to offer selflessly and love becomes your weakness if you have an eye to just receive the love from others first.

I truly believe that “Be Lovable”. Always be the source of love, offer love everybody, to your family, friends, near and dear ones without expecting in return much. Yes this is a difficult practice but if you try and have the willingness to do this, you will surely find it easy in later stages, this quality of yours will lead you on a spiritual path as well because this will purify your soul, you will become an emotionally independent person.

My of living out Love:

I believe to love everybody, even offer love to those people who hurt you or doing dirty politics in the family, behave with them politely with a lovable tone always that will make the solid impression of yours, it shows that you are strong enough to handle this with the quality of being lovable. Thus, those people will lose their daring to hurt you later.

Like those people who have a high ratio of emotional intelligence, they offer love to everybody.

Offering love to everybody gives you satisfaction in your heart and peace in your mind.

Love, Love and Love yourself, to everybody, to god, to nature, to animals, to birds.

I Nominate:

  1. vj.sadhak
  2. Piyush
  3. Navneet Kumar
  4. Kusum Goswami ‘Kim’
  5. Meery Khati
  6. Hare Krishna Singh
  7. Sarika
  8. Divyang Rajput
  9. Tanvir Kaur
  10. Arun
  11. Ashish (shanky salty)
  12. Pragya Nidhi Pandey
  13. Madhusudan singh
  14. Kunal Kumar

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  1. Thanks @harinapandya to nominate me for Bee Love Award. Thanks for your nomination as it mean a lot or me. Two line for you all as below:

    देखो ये दिल की अरमान, अब बन गयी हैं मेरी ज़बान,
    मैं शब्द नहीं लिख रहा, ये तो मेरे प्रेम की नयी पहचान,

    धन्य हैं वो इंसान, दिया मेरे भावनाओं को इक नया आयाम,
    शब्दों के धागे में पिरो कर, लिखा मैंने अपने दिल की तरंग भाव.

  2. Hey Harina, thank you for your nomination & congratulations… But let me tell you I won’t participate in it as my blog is award free one and am lit-bit busy for now, so please don’t mind.. Am not disrespect you,it means a lot but sorry am not able to did this… Hope you won’t mind

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