माँ..माँ जो मूल प्रकृति है,माँ जो जगजननी है,माँ जो शक्ति है,माँ जो सर्जन शक्ति है। माँ..जिनकी आराधना का पर्व आया है,पहले तीन दिन माँ काली की आराधना करनी है,दूसरे तीन दिन माँ लक्ष्मी की आराधना करनी है,आख़िरी तीन दिन माँ सरस्वती की आराधना करनी है। नवरात्रि की हार्दिकशुभकामनाएं। अन्य रचनाएं भी पढ़ें: त्रिदेवी की आराधना का पर्व... Continue Reading →

Spread your beauty

Even if they don't accept you,Believe in yourself,Trust your gut;Lead your life with clarity;Follow your passion;Transform yourself for the greater good,Spread your beauty.

Wattle Tree (Short Poem)

Wattle tree standing so proud the wind is tossing you about with your yellow flowers so bright. You stand still with your roots so firm hidden under ground. So wattle tree wave your branches to and fro -and proudly you may stand! (Reference: Poem by Daisy Utemorrah) Information about Wattle trees: The Golden Wattle is Australia's... Continue Reading →

Short Rhyming Poem about Life Partner

Your nature is caring,Your personality is pleasing,You are a true blessing! Want to say something,For you, my heart is meltingYou are amazing! You are a treasure,Your company is a pleasure,We feel complete when we are together.

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