Don’t stop yourself in the middle

Change the direction of life
if you feel stuck or not worthy.
Part ways with toxic people
if you find it needful.

Choose a path for the greater good
if you want to upgrade yourself.
Lead a life with more clarity
if you find any chaos, solve it.

Don’t stop yourself in the middle,
Don’t limit your efforts.

Do brainstorming
and do self-analysis.
Find out the solution
if you find any confusion.

Life is unpredictable,
Don’t feel defeated by situations.
Life must go on,
Don’t ever dull your sparkle.

Don’t stop yourself in the middle,
Don’t limit your efforts.

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Breeze of uncertainty

Amid a breeze of uncertainty,
your willpower guides you.
Amid the chaos of thoughts,
your intuition guides you.

Situations demand brainstorming sometimes,
Situations demand to analyse of the pros and cons.
Your intellectual power gives clarity,
Your heart voice gives a hint of totality.

Mind and heart’s integrity
It gives you power extraordinarily.
Focus on the mental state of serenity,
That’s only your best remedy.

Self-motivation is vital in a tough time,
For a confusing state of mind;
A broader perspective is a lifesaver,
An optimistic approach is a lifesaver.