Wedding Anniversary Day Poem

I want to dedicate this poem to my husband on our wedding anniversary. Wedding anniversary day,It's a lovely day. It's a sweet reminder,For both of us. To celebrate togetherness,To rejoice oneness. To feel affection,About our deep connection. To feel gratitude,About our memories. To feel the excitement,To make new memories. Let's cherish our marital bond,Let's celebrate... Continue Reading →

Rakshabandhan (રક્ષાબંધન)

Rakhi is a piece of thread that has an extraordinary power of love, affection and care. It is a symbol of brother-sister relations. Happy Rakshabandhan! (Translation in Gujarati Language) રાખડી એક દોરાનો ટુકડો, જેમાં પ્રેમ, સ્નેહ અને કાળજી કરવાની ભાવનાની અસાધારણ શક્તિ છુપાયેલી છે. આ રાખડી ભાઈ-બહેનના સંબંધનું પ્રતીક છે. રક્ષાબંધનની શુભકામનાઓ!

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