Don’t judge the choices of people

Don't judge the choices of people,Don't criticize the decisions of people;As you don't knowThe real story behind it. To pass on commentsShows your narrow mindset;Broaden your perspectives,Be free from prejudices. Keep your mouth shut,Open your eyes;Try to read the intentions of people,Have a look at the actions of people. Don't be the frog in the... Continue Reading →


You don't get respect by begging,You don't get it by showing superiority;You have to earn respect.Earn respect by your nature and behaviour,Earn respect for your thoughts and actions. हिंदी अनुवाद: मान-सम्मान मांगते रहने से नहीं मिलता है,अपने मुंह से अपना बड़प्पन जताने से नहीं मिलता है;मान-सम्मान कमाना पड़ता है।अपने स्वभाव और व्यवहार से कमाना पड़ता... Continue Reading →

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