शाकंभरी जयंती महत्व – कविता

शाकंभरी नवरात्रि का पर्व आता है तब दुर्गा देवी के शाकंभरी रूप की आराधना की जाती है। इस साल शाकंभरी नवरात्रि पौष मास की शुक्लपक्ष की अष्टमी (30 दिसम्बर, 2022) से आरंभ हुई थी और आज पौष मास की पूर्णिमा (6 जनवरी, 2023) को पूर्ण होंगी। पौष पूर्णिमा के दिन शाकंभरी जयंती मनायी जाती है।... Continue Reading →

Explore and Bloom

Let yourself blossom with creativity, a broader perspective and an enthusiastic approach. Don't stick to a structured manner always. Discover hidden potential by exploring uncertain paths. Explore and bloom yourself at your fullest potential.

Life with Newborn #enjoyingmotherhood

Those sleepless nights are worth itWhen I see your calming face,That soothes me. A ton of laundry is worth itWhen I see a smile on your face.That soothes me. Major ups and downs are a part of the early monthsThat struggle is worth it,When I see the sparkle on your face. No doubt, sometimes it... Continue Reading →

Don’t stop yourself in the middle

Change the direction of lifeif you feel stuck or not worthy.Part ways with toxic peopleif you find it needful. Choose a path for the greater goodif you want to upgrade yourself.Lead a life with more clarityif you find any chaos, solve it. Don't stop yourself in the middle,Don't limit your efforts. Do brainstormingand do self-analysis.Find... Continue Reading →

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