The art of developing the virtue of contentment

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We know the power of positivity, but how we should utilize it in our life is the biggest puzzle. As every puzzle has a solution, have tried to establish a solution, hope this solution can help!

I am not talking about anything you should focus on for positive energy. Positive energy is all about just “YOU”. You are the source of positive energy but mostly we are unaware of it.

We have some set pattern in the mind about situations. When situations are in our favour we are the “happiest bird”, and if it doesn’t then we are the “sad bird”. Our happiness depends on the so-called situations and when the situations are not as per our choice we suffer in the dissatisfaction state in life.

The ultimate way to be energetic is to be detached from situations. This is the theory which you should apply practically. Train your mind to implement new thought. This is the secret to happiness and satisfaction in ourselves. It is also a path towards spiritual thinking.

Have gratitude in your existence, feel contentment in your situations. Have faith in God, feel blessings from God, accept life as it is, treat life as a gift. Whatever your Guru or the God has written for you, it is good for you. It is the truth in a world. Trust in him.

By adopting this philosophy, you can develop the virtue of satisfaction. Through this, your mind spread this positivity in whole your existence (personality). This becomes your energy. So, you become the source of positive energy for yourself.

You are the source of positivity and negativity as well. How is it? We will understand by two circles: The satisfaction circle and the dissatisfaction circle.

Circle 1: The satisfaction circle

Satisfaction Chart

The satisfaction circle start with the satisfaction that represents when you are in satisfaction mode, you feel positivity that converts into positive energy. Positive energy leads to happiness and peace. That is your positive power which you created on your own.

Circle 2: The dissatisfaction circle

Dissatisfaction Chart

The dissatisfaction circle start with the dissatisfaction that represents when you are in dissatisfaction mode, you feel negativity that converts into negative energy. Negative energy leads to hatred and frustration. That is your negative power which you created on your own.

Hence, we have already energy power in ourselves. You should choose which energy power you want. It is definite that all want positive energy power which shows in circle 1 but mostly we are unaware to get it so we become the victim of circle 2.

Human beings have all the power which we want. But we must realize it by focusing on our self and find our energy.  If we get it, we can achieve everything we want. It is up to us how much we desire in life.

Satisfaction mode gives you more productivity in life. Your personality becomes cheerful and whatever your role is, whatever your tasks are, you will perform better and get the best results. Even if some situations are tough, you will able to deal with calmness. But earlier when you followed the dissatisfaction circle, you could not have achieved this much result when you get this time by following the satisfaction circle. Just try it, it works for sure.

The tough situation that bothers you, if it is in your control, try to search for solutions to overcome it instead of getting stuck over there. A situation that is beyond your control gives you a mental burden. do not try to control a situation or people in this instance, it will convert into a mess. To avoid the mental burden, you can adopt this philosophy and become a free bird. Why focus on the mental burden? It creates negativity in us. When we stop “could be” and “would be” and accept what is in the present gives us immense pleasure.

Live in a present and have contentment for your being and feel a positive energy. Live life fullest.

The choice is yours:
Journey towards satisfaction and feel positive power 
Journey towards dissatisfaction and feel negative power


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The complexity of mind and life

MIND! The mind is a source of power, whatever we want to do and want to achieve, we need to train our mind, we can achieve it through the proper attitude and willingness towards the goal attainment.

By reading the above paragraph, the mind generates thought, how to do so? The answer is simple, our mind works on the repetitive actions performed by us, the mind just processes the thinking. In short, the process is whatever we see, we observe, we feel, we live, and whatever we do our mind absorbs it and starts the process of thinking, repetitive thinking of certain manner, it becomes our philosophy or mentality, that leads to continuously perform those things and convert it in a habit and eventually it becomes our lifestyle.

We know the habit of mind like stereotype thoughts. That’s why we should think about what we want in our life. If we are not satisfied with our life then give a red signal to our mind that to act differently, think differently.

We should develop a habit to monitor our thought process from time to time. As our mentality or thoughts are generated with our surroundings which includes our parents, friends, peers etc. We develop this through observation, but the most important question: Am I happy or not by my thoughts? If the answer is “Yes” then we certainly living the good life but what if the answer is “No”, then certainly we are not on the right track it’s like we are following everyone like a sheep, with no aim or goals in the life, because of this we just run to strive for a life with the stereotype thought, now it demands the change in the thought process which certainly leads to a better life.

The five-step process to change the thought process:

Step – 1:

Start with preparing the list of the things you want in your life, what is your goal, what you want to be and what you like to do most. By preparing the list of the things and starts working in that direction, it creates the pattern of the thoughts, so the mind will be free from unnecessary thoughts.

Step – 2:

Following the first step, you will aware of your actions and thoughts. This is the state of self-awareness. Self-awareness of whatever we are doing in our life is relevant or not. Is it productive or not? Is it towards our ambition or not? Is it gives happiness and peace or not etc.

Some people are a victim of negative thoughts, over-ambitious about material life. For example Branded things, cars, money power, high status in society, jobs in big companies. Yes, it is good to think like this and necessary to achieve materialistic things. But only thinking about materialism, is a phobia of negativity, falls into jealousy, dissatisfaction, show off, cunningness, fear are the roots of negativity. Be aware, it is not the right track.

Step – 3:

Find out your interest area. If you already know- start working on it. Those who’ve already started – congratulations mate! There is a choice for you to convert your interest area into your profession, then you would love your work, it is the ultimate reality in life that we must earn money for the welfare of our life, by hook or crook, we must financially stable. So, choose a profession which we love to work. that will give us immense peace and satisfaction we will enjoy our time. Never get tension about workload, never feel frustration about tasks as we choose what we like to do. This leads to an energetic state. Once we start practising in our favourite area, the money will follow us. This is magic indeed!

Step – 4:

Give time to your hobby, this is very important for refreshment, the mind loves the change in a day, it gets boredom if we do just one or two tasks repeatedly, create your routine in such a way that can give you satisfaction and full of life. You will feel cheerful if you follow your hobbies.

Step – 5:

Take care of your health, physical as well as mental health. Practice yoga, meditation. Make it a habit that will give you a vision in life.

Implement the above steps and set your complexity of mind systematically. It is up to you where you stand, where you fit in a specific aspect. Search it and try to implement it. Train your mind in that direction in which you want to make your journey.

By systematic thinking, you never get confused about different walks of your life. First, make yourself clear so that you never confused, even you become a better person by the time, will more enjoy with your family, friends, your loved ones and fulfil your responsibilities with joy.

A rhythmic thought process balances your life by performing multiple aspects like profession, hobby, health, family, friends etc. Have contentment in all walks of your life that will eventually grow your inner beauty.

This is all about the mind, life and yourself. Complex but simple itself by implementing!