A rakhi, a piece of thread is having an extraordinary power of love, affection, care and protection. It is a symbol of brother-sister relation.

Happy Rakshabandhan!!!

(Translation in Gujarati Language)

રાખડી, એક દોરાનો ટુકડો, જેમાં પ્રેમ, સ્નેહ, કાળજી અને રક્ષણ કરવાની ભાવનાની અસાધારણ શક્તિ છુપાયેલી છે. આ રાખડી ભાઈ-બહેનના સંબંધનું પ્રતીક છે.

રક્ષાબંધનની શુભકામનાઓ!!!


I am Harina Pandya, with a bundle of enthusiasm, positive thinking and creativity. I am a poet and a blogger. I am passionate about writing since childhood, expressing myself through writing in three different languages namely Gujarati, Hindi and English. I love to share on different topics in a poetry form, article form and as an illustrator form as well.

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