Recipe of Success

Interest + Focus + Hard work = Success

A simple but effective formula for success. You need at least these three ingredients for the recipe of success.

If you have keen interest in something, you are focused on it consciously and you add efforts to achieve it- this harmony comes with success in your life, this is applicable to every aspect not in particular context.

Don’t be biased that I am not able to do things, do everything with faith in yourself. Don’t feel fear for trying new things, explore as much as you can. The more you explore, the more you get knowledge and the more you feel contented. Unwrap your happiness by working on your goal with hard work and give it a try with self-confidence.

That attempt will may or may not give you winning position or make you winner but at least give you learning, that will make you more clear and strong towards your goal and make you succeed in next attempt. But, don’t lose hope, interest, focus and last but not the least hard work for goal attainment.

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